How to eat spicy food

It is clear to everyone around the world that certain parts of the world where spices are used in large quantities have fewer incidents of terminal ailments. Research has shown that other than the lifestyles of these people, the amount of spices that are used to prepare food contribute to overall good health. As an individual who has been brought up eating plain meals, how does one incorporate spices in their food without making meal time an unpleasant ordeal?

Learn the preparation

As you start out, you might find it easier and more convenient to buy food that has already been spiced. The advantage is that you do not have to handle the spices and there is therefore no need to learn how to handle them. Garlic for instance is more potent when crushed while some spices like rosemary have to be steamed to release their goodness. It is worth remembering that spices are concentrated so their sensation is bound to be intense. A good example is touching your eyes after you have handled chilies.

Start small

You are obviously eager about tapping into the benefits of spices but that is no reason to overindulge. The first point to understand is that even in regions where spices are in extensive se, they are used to improve the taste of food or to heal meaning that the quantity used is measured. The good thing with spices is they are easily absorbed into the bloodstream and a small amount is in most cases sufficient.

Acknowledge your limitations

We are all different and that means that we react differently when exposed to certain situations and substances. You may want to eat chili as much as the next person, but if your taste buds feel like they want to explode under the heat, just stick to limits you are comfortable with. You may feel like you are not consuming enough but that is just a perception because the body will absorb nutrients in quantities that it requires.

Spices are important for boosting overall good health and if you find one that has been recommended to you to be too hot, consider consuming it with foods that mask its unpleasant effects.

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